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Welcome To Paidom Meats


Since 1994, our family has been growing our meats on pasture (grassfed) and drug-free.  Here's how we raise them:

   * All animals are raised on pasture only -- no grain (not even in the finishing phase) or confined feeding

   * All animals are grown without drugs -- no implants, antibiotics, steroids, hormones, or growth stimulants, etc.

   * All animals are raised on our farms rather than being purchased at auctions or sale barns.


THERE IS NO NEED TO REGISTER since we are no longer using the website for submitting orders.

Instead, simply email us at and ask to be placed on our delivery list for your location (click on the "Locations" tab above to view all of our delivery areas).  Unlike water, milk, nuts, and butter, meats don't come in packages that are always the same size, so placing orders through the website resulted in problems on our packing end.  In addition, we had to sort each cut of meat by size (small, medium, large), and that required about 3 times as much freezer space.  Consequently, we've gone back to the old "tried and true" ordering system wherein we email customers in advance of deliveries to their area.  Then they place their orders via email.  That system served us well for many years, and most customers preferred its simplicity.  We hope that those of you who are new to Paidom will find the same to be true for you as well.  After you've done it once, you'll be a pro at this system.  So again, please email us at and ask to be placed on the email list for your area.  Also, please include a cell number in case we need to contact you from the drop site.  Now take some time to look over our selection of pasture-raised meats!!!!!!

Organs, Bones, & Fat